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Caz and I left New York City on September 5 for China.  After a stopover in England (we went to Windsor) we flew on to Shanghai (about 12 hours of smog) and then on to Zhoushan.  We will teach here until July 2005 at the Zhejiang Ocean University.  We have already visited Hangzhou for some silk (and McDonalds), Ningbo to get our bikes, Putoshan for the Quan Yin nirvana day, and JuJaJin (sp?) where there is an international sandcastle event.    We have been given our residency cards, were invited to the Vice Mayor's Mid-Autumn Festival banquet, and other National Day celebrations, as well as a rather eye opening visit to a local  hospital (more on that later).  Off to Beijing and Xian next.....

Windsor gargoyles
Shanghai on a clear day
Official residents at the police station
National Teacher Day flowers
Out our office window - Zhejiang Ocean University
Laughing monks in prayer at Putoshan
MCs - Amanda and Kai Su - give impromptu topics
Judge Su Xian
Pay attention, this is very interesting - Man and Internet
CCTV National English Speaking Contest
Judge Su Zhi asks "What do you mean you want 'world peace?'"
Cai Si (Caz) was the MC along with a Chinese English teacher, Amanda.
so that's six stars? how about the stripes?
tarn mien, ping goa, and george (noodle soup, beer) all for $1.50 (George is free)
starch starch starch - and you always share food
street to school with rainbow over catholic church
huolobo (carrot) bear, dictionary, abby pin, and SuzQ! tag - don't leave home without 'em
ferry from our island - note the BROWN water
Ok - so what exactly does this bus sign mean?
our bikes - Mr Wang and xio ma get a ride from Ningbo on top of a bus
Dinghai, Zhoushan - Zhejiang Ocean University is on the left, through the tree branch
The top of a park not far from our school
Hey - we're in China - it's upside down, here
gluing the envelope at the post office, we went to Beijing and Xi'an for our National Day Week Holiday (Oct  4 - 10).  Flying into Beijing, we found ourselves staying at a great little hotel which is also a youth hostel, in a hutong - this is an old courtyard style housing area where four houses face in with little roads between them and "plumbing" shared in the public outhouses!  Very quaint and disappearing fast as they are torn down to put in shopping centers and new housing.  It was our kind of area, though - watching people cook strange street food, smiling at the little old ladies, navigating on our rented OLD bikes.  We went to the Great Wall, Ming Tombs, a jade factory, and a cloision (sp?) factory.  We played a gourd pipe in Ti'anmen Square in front of that big Mao thing, and were like Mickey and Minnie- posing for pictures with everyone.  At the Temple of Heaven we parted ways with George, our wonderful little monkey - we hope he catches up with us soon!   Enjoyed the shopping - antique and uh not, immensly. 

Xi'an is a coool city.  We stayed in the youth hostel there, which was in an old style building, again with court yard, had a breakfast with BUTTER (the size and thickness of a dime) and eggs and bacon...mmmm...ahhhh....then off to the Terra Cotta Warriors.  We had come to Xi'an by train, first class and sort of relaxing (overnight arriving at 7:30am) and were on the bus by 9:30.  Went to a terra cotta factory and carpet factory (this is their scam) and were back in time for dinner in the Muslem section.  Had a lovely next day with some friends we met from Holland, inspite of being pickpocket victims (Caz's camera).  Off again by train to Ningbo.

Since being back at school more of our classes have started, we found we will be in the hotel indefinately, and we went back to Putoshan and Hangzhou.  WE LOVE HANGZHOU.  This time we found we were there for a huge parade- complete with DRAGONS, beauty queens, bands and floats.  We really hit the silk market hard this time. 

Students took us to the Opium Wars museum today and we have been finding out more about the culture, language, and laws.  Caz has a chinese name:  Cai Se  and my working title is :  Su Zhi...we will see.

JuJaJin (sp?) 4 hour bike ride to the Sand Festival
The Mayor of Zhoushan at the MidAutumn Festival
Moon CAKES! 50+ of 'em!!
George at the Temple of Heaven
George, testing out dragon flying
going UP
The Great Wall
caz coming down
Terra Cotta Wariors of Xi'an

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